Printing and Colour Management

Somewhere to put information on printing and colour management

Martin Evening article on using LR4 to manage image files


Following on from my talk at the Digital Group on Wednesday you may find this of interest as it expands on several points and questions raised ...more

An interesting Ilford session on printing


A link to a "Webinar" by Ilford on how how to get the best from their new Prestige range of papers ...more

Slip-In Mounts from Cotswold Mounts


Some updated information on these products ...more

Mount Supplier, low cost + high quality


Cotswold Mounts information is available here ...more

Photo Paper Direct - a new link


Good quality papers at a reasonable price ...more

DS Colour Labs


These are the people that produce Stan and Dee's winning prints for them. The quality is self evident. The section selected is all about how to send your files to them ...more

Introduction to ICC Profiles by


A definitive article on using colour profiles as part of your colour management process ...more

Ilford Black and White Printing Service


This was spotted by Martin Foot and is rated as one of the best providers of Black & White prints from Digital Image or film ...more

Mastering Digital Printing (2nd ed) by Harald Johnson


A good source reference for those interested in getting more out of their own printer and / or commercial printers ...more